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So we've been in Hong Kong for 4 days now and I'm only just writing my first post, all for good reason however as it's been a jam packed few days full of weird and wonderful food, beautiful scenery, potent scents (mainly smelly tofu), hustle & bustle, temples, anything fried, buddhas, incense, many markets, cheap beer, mental taxi drivers...oh and cantonese phrases such as the title of this blog which is what Hong Kong folk splurt out when they're frustrated, the amusement at saying this is many different ways has probably led to many of the locals thinking that were constantly pissed off, in fact we've been quite the opposite.
I have to say it's an incredible experience to be staying in a place where you can enjoy the high tempo of city life the one minute and then experience the peacefulness and fresh air of just one of the many remote islands the next.
So far we've been lucky enough to have; seen the ten thousand buddhas monastery, eaten some amazing food which included chickens feet and an incredible dessert of lemon ice cream surrounded by a thick jelly called mochi sweets, walked on the mini great wall of China (don't be mislead by the name, it was average at best),been on many ferries which gave great views of Hong Kongs landscapes, had a dance off with a local (which I obviously won), drank lots of different beers and tea, went to the avenue of stars to meet the hero that is Bruce Lee, sat and drank in a place called red bar which is basically a venue owned by the public as the building was built without permission and messed up the feng shui, very cool indeed, weve also been to a few temples and probably lots of other awesome happenings that incant remember right now as its almost half 1 in the morning, however, I must say that experiencing any of these great sights/moments wouldn't have been the same without the 3 mentalists who have also embarked on this journey, sharing their infinite wisdom with quotes such as "ahhh I've got it dan, firstly I'll oil your head up yeah!" and "yeah I've been trying to chat up my sister",and to think this is only the beginning,the best is yet to come!

I also have to thank the wonderful Hong Kong Horry of course who has been a complete star, leading us around the coolest places whilst filling us in on her genius stories which are hirarious!, as well as putting up with our constant nonsense and incoherent ramblings, what a hero.

I could probably write more but by now you're obviously horribly jealous about what you've just read and so for that reason I will say goodnight to you fine people and thanks for reading. More Hong Kong happenings to be updated soon :) x


I can't believe it's actually booked. After around 4 months of procrastinating in pubs, all four of us have finally booked our round the world trip. 
In less than 3 weeks we will be in Hong Kong, the birthplace of this cool cat, hopefully watching this happen. Anyway, that's enough of funny shit related to Hong Kong to watch for now, don't want to spoil you undeserving viewers much on my first post. 
You'll also be happy to know that the whole journey will be documented through film (hence the title of this blog) using this sweet ass rig that I knocked up just yesterday, it's a bit sexy. 

Below is the full itinerary of the trip to make y'all jealous.

Keep posted for more cool related shizzle to this trip.